People out on bond

  • Are eight times more likely to succeed in their immigration cases;
  • Can enjoy fundamental family and community relationships;
  • May continue providing financially for themselves and their family;
  • Contribute to income, property and sales taxes;
  • Are not at risk for losing their jobs due to absences from work;
  • Reduce the amount of money tax payers spend for the for-profit GEO Aurora Detention Center.

By donating to the Immigrant Freedom Fund, you will be making the promise of our country, “liberty and justice for all,” a reality.  You will be welcoming people to the USA who contribute to the rich tapestry of diversity which has made our country strong and our culture rich.

How Bond Works

  1. Your funds are donated to the Immigrant Freedom Fund of Colorado.
  2. An immigrant is placed in detention by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) for typically for overstaying a visa or requesting asylum. Bonds are being set from $3500 to over $10,000 in Aurora at this time.
  3. The person in detention has a preliminary hearing and is declared eligible for bond.
  4. The lawyer working with the person in detention alerts the Immigrant Freedom Fund if other resources aren’t available to pay the bond.
  5. The bond is paid by the Immigrant Freedom Fund immediately if money is available or after more donations are collected if the fund is low.
  6. The immigrant is released from detention, perhaps reuniting with family, gaining easier access to legal counsel and returning to work, avoiding job loss. It is eight times more likely that the bonded immigrant will not be deported.
  7. Eventually, the person’s immigration case is resolved.
  8. The bond money is returned to the Immigrant Freedom Fund for use by another detainee.

People who are scheduled for immigration court rarely fail to show up, over 90% of them come to their hearings. 

The Immigrant Freedom Fund will make efforts to recover money lost if someone does not appear in court as required, but we will never turn anyone over to a collections agency.