Dreamer Bonded Out

Our most recent bond was $5000 for a young father who lost his DACA status because he didn’t have the $500 to pay for his renewal when it was due. His wonderful family from the Caribbean was able to pay some of his bond, and your generous donations covered the rest.

Applicants Waiting

The next person we want to assist is a woman, who is anxious to get back with her children. They have been placed with relatives she does not trust to take good care of them. Her bond is $5000. A church friend of hers has raised half of that, and we hope to raise the rest with your help as soon as possible.

The next man who has applied for assistance is also from Mexico. He has been working on his immigration case since 2014. It was delayed because ICE lost his file for a while. He has three young children and a wife, who need him. We want to bond him out before his individual hearing, which is set for April 2 of this year.

Transgender  Women in Aurora

The ICE jail in New Mexico has recently sent several transgender women to the Aurora ICE jail. People who are transgender receive notoriously poor treatment while in detention. They face discrimination from other inmates, as well as from prison staff. We want to be ready with money if any of them become eligible for bond. Currently, they are being kept in a segregated area of the ICE prison and are not allowed to work with the rest of the inmates.

What Can You Do?

  • Please pass this email on to friends who might be interested in helping immigrants who have been arrested by ICE. Let them know that people who are bonded out have a much better chance of winning their immigration cases and may not have a decisive hearing at immigration court until well after the November elections.
  • Invite us to speak about the Immigrant Freedom Fund to your faith-based organization or any service club you belong to. Many people do not realize what immigrants are going through in detention and that raising bond is a way to help some of them.
  • Donate.