Ways to Support Immigration Justice

Donate Locally

  • Casa de Paz (Aurora). Near the ICE detention center, offers housing, meals, visits, and transportation to families torn apart by immigrant detention.

  • Community Dreamers Fund. Assistance fund for collegiate and high school DREAMers in Fort Collins.

  • Fort Collins Community Action Network. The parent organization to small groups that work for equity and inclusion in our city, recently leading the immigrant community trust effort, 24 hour bathrooms in Old Town and extended winter hours at the Murphy Center.

  • Fuerza Latina. For immigrants by immigrants.Educates, informs, organizes, and promotes change. Donations pay organizers and keep the immigration hotline and legal clinics running.

  • Immigrant Freedom Fund of Colorado. Pays bail bonds allowing immigrants to be released from detention. Administered by Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Loveland).

  • La Familia/The Family Center. Provides child care,mental health services, adult education programs (ESL, parenting), and other support to the Fort Collins Spanish speaking community.

  • NoCo Emergency Immigration Fund. ISAAC fund supports asylum seekers and immigrant families in crisis as a direct result of immigration policy.

  • Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (Westminster). Provides free immigration legal services to immigrant children and to adults in immigration detention.


  • Accompany immigrants to court; Provide childcare for immigrant-led events; Provide inexpensive housing, pro-bono healthcare, or part-time work to DACA students: isaac.northern.colorado@gmail.com

  • Answer calls on the Fuerza Latina emergency hotline or accompany families with detained love ones through the Dignity in Detention program: arpimiller@yahoo.com

Advocate and Vote

  • Call, email, or visit your US and State senators

  • Participate in vigils, demonstrations.

  • Vote in Fort Collins’ city elections! (April) and legislators.

Educate Yourself

  • Join ISAAC’s mailing list to learn about local events: isaac.northern.colorado@gmail.com

  • Participate in a Borderlinks delegation. https://www.borderlinks.org/

  • Books:
    The Line Becomes a River (Francisco Cantu).
    The U.S. Immigration Crisis: Toward an Ethics of Place (Miguel A. De La Torre)
    The Land of Open Graves: Living and Dying on the Migrant Trail (Jason de León)
    They Leave Their Kidneys in the Fields: Illness, Injury and Illegality among US Farmworkers (Sarah Bronwen Horton)