The Immigrant Freedom Fund was formed to fill in a gap in the available services in Colorado for people coming to our country who are taking the brunt of our current administration’s cruel immigration policies. Our assumption was that, by bonding out one person at a time, we could make a difference in each person’s life.  Soon, we realized that we were making a difference not only in the life of each person that we bonded out, but in the lives of their families and communities. Our message is one of hope that resistance to an oppressive system is at hand. We represent that the welcoming message our country has traditionally sent to those who are fleeing violence and misery is still alive in the heart in the USA.

All of those who work on the Immigrant Freedom Fund are volunteers.  Our fiscal sponsor is the Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Loveland, Colorado.  Our administrative expenses are very low, covering printing brochures and copying flyers primarily.

We welcome you to work with us raising funds, connecting us to organizations you belong to and helping us grow our organization throughout Colorado.  Contact us at 970-444-2535 or