More Freedom!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who continue to donate toward immigrant bond, the Immigrant Freedom Fund bonded out three folks at the end of November with bonds of $1500, $2000 and $7500. Beginning in December, the trend continued, and we’vebonded out an eighteen-year-old man for $7500 and another man for $2000.  

People often ask how the bond amount is decided, and we have asked several immigration lawyers what they think. Mostly, we’ve heard that the amount is arbitrary, depending on the judge and how the judge is feeling that day. One of the considerations is how likely the judge thinks the person is to attend their immigration hearings in the future, but that doesn’t explain why one fifty-four-year-old woman was given a bond of $7500 and her twenty-year-old son was giving a bond of just $4000.

In any case, we are happy to see bonds of $1500 and $2000 to off-set the bonds of $7500 we’ve been seeing lately.

GEO ICE Processing Center in Aurora

According to the accountability report that ICE sent to Rep. Jason Crow on Dec. 14, 2020, there were 253 people incarcerated at the ICE prison in Aurora during that week. This is quite a bit lower than the facility capacity of almost 1500. Included in that count were fifteen women and 238 men. This count included four people who are transgender.

During the week prior to Dec. 14, five more ICE prisoners tested positive for the coronavirus, and two were quarantined. No ICE employees contracted the virus, but two GEO employees did.

End of the Year Donations

Many people make end of the year donations to help with tax deductions and use of more IRA funds than they need. Please let your friends and bosses know that donations to the Immigrant Freedom Fund go directly to bond for immigrants who cannot afford this ticket to freedom.  Go ahead and forward this email to let more people know about us.

Donations can be made by check to the Immigrant Freedom Fund, 745 East 5th St., Loveland, CO 80537 or electronically on our website at

With hope for the future,

Francey Liefert