We’ve Done It Again!

Thanks to our generous donors, the Immigrant Freedom Fund was able to bond out a man from Colorado, who will be going home to his wife this evening! He is the breadwinner for his wife and two offspring, who he is supporting through college. His bond was set at $5000. We were able to pay $3000 of that, and, fortunately, his family came up with the remaining $2000. He will now have time and community support for preparing his immigration case. Perhaps federal immigration policies will change before his next hearing.

Fall Freedom Day

We were thankful to participate in the Fall Freedom Day, declared by the National Bail Fund Network and the Detention Watch Network. Immigrant bond funds got together across the country to secure the release of at least 41 people with bonds as high as $80,000. Some “back of the napkin stats” indicate that 40% are Black immigrants, who tend to have outrageously high bonds. Many of the folks bonded out identify as Muslim and LGBTQ as well – all who live with increased state violence and are now free from cages. Thanks to all who shaped our messaging and amplified the call to action and fundraising for the Black Immigrant Bail Fund! Check us out in the media: “‘Act of radical defiance’: Groups unite to again post millions of dollars in bond to free immigrants”!

Applicants Waiting

Immigration court inside the GEO ICE prison in Aurora, CO has been closed lately due to the spread of COVID-19 inside the prison. We have three applicants for bond assistance, whose hearings have been delayed, but their lawyers are keeping us posted. We expect all three to have bond set this week and next week. One is a young man from Somalia, so we expect his bond to be higher than the typical bonds we are seeing these days. We are hopeful that the other two will have bonds set closer to the $5000 and $7500 that is typical in Aurora right now.


Please donate what you can and let others know of this need. Our coffers are low, and hearings outside of detention continue to be postponed due to COVID-19. That means more time for people to prepare their immigration cases. It also means fewer immigration cases being resolved and less money coming back to our fund from the Department of Homeland Security.

Please let friends, family, book groups, service clubs, churches, and anyone else you can think of that they, too, can help us get people out of the coronavirus breeding ground that is immigrant prison. They can donate at www.immigrantfreedomfund.org or by sending a check to Immigrant Freedom Fund, 745 East 5th St., Loveland, CO 80537.

With hope for the future,