New Applicants for Bond Assistance

Our current applicant for assistance has a $7500 bond. This man’s family has gathered $1000 toward that bond. We do not yet have enough money to bond him out. His next hearing date is next Wednesday, August 19, and we hope to get him out before then. People who have hearings outside of detention have a much better chance of a favorable outcome. Please donate what you can as soon as you can.

Happily, a man, who applied for assistance with his $4000 bond at the end of July, has a brother who was able to raise $3000 toward it. It was a little confusing because both brothers have the same name. We paid the bond on July 28, 2020, and our man has returned to his Colorado home to prepare his immigration case.

Last week we bonded out a man who has bond set at $5000. We are grateful that his family was able to raise $3500 toward that total. Along with their money, your donations made it possible for him to return to his children.

We have several other people asking for assistance who haven’t yet filled out the application on our website. We hope that when we get more information about them, we will have the money to help them out. No one belongs in immigration prison.

Policy for Family Donations

When family members or personal friends of our applicants donate toward a specific person’s bond, the Immigrant Freedom Fund sends them a Memorandum of Understanding promising to pay back whatever money they contributed once the immigration case is resolved and the money is returned to us by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Follow Up on July News

Both of the young men mentioned in our July update remain in ICE custody in California. The $20,000 that we paid for the release of one of them has been returned to us by the Department of Homeland Security. He has a new bond hearing tomorrow, Aug. 19. His lawyer expects his bond to be denied or set at $20,000 once again. If that happens, we’ll pay it again. What a strange game.

The man from Ethiopia, who is trying to get to Colorado, has not had bond reset. Other bond funds near the border tell us that it’s typical for African immigrants to be given very high bonds and to be kept in ICE prison as long as possible.

Spread the Word

By now, you probably have the impression that we need contributions. So far, only one person who we bonded out has a resolved case. We did, indeed, receive the $1500 refund from DHS. A couple more cases may be resolved this calendar year, virus permitting. Even though that means we will have funds returned, our hope is that a new federal administration will change immigration policies before most of those we’ve assisted have their hearings. Get ready to vote.

Please let friends, family, book groups, service clubs, churches, and anyone else you can think of that they, too, can help us get people out of the coronavirus breeding ground that is immigrant prison. They can donate at or by sending a check to Immigrant Freedom Fund, 745 East 5th St., Loveland, CO 80537.

With hope for the future,