Good News !

With the help of our donors and allies, the Immigrant Freedom Fund has now assisted in bonding out 53 people from the ICE prison in Aurora that is operated by the for-profit corporation GEO. We are especially excited about the seven people we have bonded out this month. ICE and GEO have acknowledged that there are two confirmed cases of inmates with COVID-19 in the facility, and they had already let us know that staff members had tested positive for the virus. Family members who talk to people imprisoned there continue to hear that health care is inadequate and the guards do not wear masks consistently. Preventative materials, such as masks and sanitizers are not readily available to inmates. There is an atmosphere of feat that surpasses what we are experiencing on the outside.

Fortunately, the three people we bonded out this week each had family and allies with enough resources to contribute $1000 toward their bond. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had enough money to bond them all out. Two of the bonds were for $5000 and the third was for $7000. They are all home or heading home now.

Two of the people bonded out by us this week live in Utah. One has a wife there who has contracted the coronavirus, and he is eager to be back, at a distance, to take one worry off her shoulders. The other man going home to Utah was first apprehended when he was only 17. He was kept in one of the children’s prisons until he turned 18 and has been incarcerated for a year and a half. Fortunately, he is eligible for assistance from the Children and Family Services in Utah. Folks at the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN) and Casa de Paz have been instrumental in securing his release and homecoming.

The other man, who was bonded yesterday, has been living in Colorado and had a joyous family reunion with his family when he left GEO yesterday evening. All are grateful for your donations that have made this possible.

Camp Out at GEO

Abolish Ice and Sanctuary Everywhere have established a protest camp outside of GEO in Aurora since the two cases of inmate COVID-19 were announced. Their demand is that all inmates be released. I visited the camp yesterday to lend support with a cake celebrating the fifty people the Immigrant Freedom Fund has bonded out. The camp is incredibly well organized and immaculate. Everyone partaking in cake had high spirits and joy in the work they are doing. Consider joining them for an afternoon or an evening when they have their meaning that our current bank balance is still at $3000 instead of working its way to the red.  We will undoubtedly need more contributions in order to bond out more people.

Please continue to send checks to the Immigrant Freedom Fund, 745 East 5th St., Loveland, CO 80537 or donate from our website.

Stay healthy as best you can during these weird times.

With hope for the future,

France Liefert