Yesterday Kathy Hartman and I were able to bond out three people from the GEO detention center in Aurora, Colorado, thanks to continued generosity from the Immigrant Freedom Fund donors. Two of them are asylum seekers from Honduras in their early twenties, and the other is a twenty-two-year-old woman from Cuba. All together they needed $12,000 in bond money. The two men describe the horrendous conditions inside the GEO jail. They worked in the kitchen for $1.00 a day and needed to pay $2.50 for any phone call they made. They reported that the guards were brusque and cruel, even the ones who looked Latinx. No one would answer their questions. They are grateful to our donors for their freedom. They are reuniting with family and friends on this holiday when we celebrate gratitude in the United States.

The steering committee of the Immigrant Freedom Fund is deeply grateful for the opportunity you give us to bond out immigrants. No one belongs in immigration jail.

Partner Organizations

We are also grateful to the organizations that support people before and after we’re able to provide bond.  One is the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network, RMIAN, a group of lawyers who co-ordinate pro bono services to people in the ICE jail.  They frequently refer people to us who cannot afford their outrageously high bonds. They also walk us through problems that come up while we bond people out.  You can read more about them at 

The other organization that we could not operate without is Casa de Paz, a hospitality house in Denver.  Sarah Jackson, the founder and director, trains volunteers for Casa once a month. She has been generous in sharing her stage with the Immigrant Freedom Fund, as well as letting Casa volunteers know when the Immigrant Freedom Fund needs help.  You can read about Casa de Paz here:

As always, we depend on donations to continue this work.  Please give what you can.