Another asylum seeker from Honduras is having a good evening thanks to the donors to the Immigrant Freedom Fund. Special thanks go to the the Sisters of Loretto Community and Maureen Flanigan of the Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church in Littleton, CO.  The young man, who fled Honduras, is twenty-two years old.  He’ll now be able to join his sister in the South of the US to plan his immigration case with her support, better access to legal counsel and with more time to prepare since his case will be transferred to an immigration court close to where he will be living.
Immigration Hearings
People frequently ask how the Immigrant Freedom Fund decides the  order in which to bond people out. When we first started bonding people out last April, it was easy; we just bonded them out in the order they applied for assistance. Due to our stance that no one belongs in immigrant jail, we helped them as they applied.  Now that we are better known and have more applications, we bond people out according to when their individual hearings are coming up.  Hearings held in ICE jail are notoriously harder to win than hearings outside of ICE jail.  We are particularly sensitive to watching for hearings inside ICE jail being moved forward, hoping that we can activate enough donors to help people avoid rushed case hearings inside detention.
A few times we have made an exception to this procedure.  When a pro bono lawyer let us know that her client was on suicide watch, we moved him forward in line.  We also hurried to bond out a young man who had serious medical problems that were not being addressed inside the GEO jail in Aurora.
Applicants Waiting for Assistance
Three men have been waiting weeks for assistance with bond, and we just received an application for assistance for a young woman as well, whose family can help with $1000 of her $3000 bond.  The total amount we need to bond all of them out is $14,500.