The Immigrant Freedom Fund bonded out another asylum seeker from Honduras. He is a nineteen-year-old man who will now join his brother and his family in the southeast United States. Several family members of his were killed by gang members for refusing to join the gang. His sister-in-law reported that gang violence in their small town was worse than in the cities because the gangs control everything there.

(Earlier we reported that we had bonded out six people, but we meant to say that we had bonded out the tenth person.)

Successful Fund Raiser

Thank you, Dana Miller, for launching a fundraiser for the Immigrant Freedom Fund on Facebook. We have received over $19,000 from that effort directly and more through our website from people who heard of us on Facebook.

The need continues…

We will never have enough funds to cover all of those in detention who cannot afford the outrageous bond amounts being set by immigration courts. Please donate what you can when you can and let others know about this project. Your donations are providing hope for immigrants, their families and their communities.